Heather Mesina

chicago hairstylist & makeup artist

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Heather is unbelievably amazing - her work and her personality. From beginning to end, she was great to work with! From the planning to the trial to the big day, she helped me feel so comfortable and at ease that everything would turn out perfectly. 

And sure enough, it did! Come the big day, she was so great at helping me feel calm and relaxed. With her great attention to detail and work ethic, we were able to finish early with everyone's hair and makeup looking flawless and beautiful. 

Everyone was so pleased and loved the outcome of their look. I never wear makeup, so I always get nervous whenever I need to wear it, but Heather was so great in helping me feel comfortable and attaining that natural look that I wanted. The day of the wedding was super windy and it was even raining a bit during the pictorials, but despite the bad weather, there was not a hair out of place or a blotch on our faces. A true testament of how great her work is! 

Thank you, Heather, for your beautiful heart and your beautiful work. I couldn't have asked for a better hair and makeup artist and friend as you to help me on my big day! 

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